Image to PDF Creator

Image to PDF Creator 4.3

A program to transform any image file or set of images into a single PDF file

Image to PDF Creator transforms almost any image file or set of images into a compact PDF file. It supports all the most widely used image file formats, such as BMP, JPG, GIF, ICO, PNG, and TIFF, including multi-page files. The program includes a series of basic settings to allow you to customize the output PDF in the way that better fits your needs.
This application is specifically designed to create high-quality PDF documents using image files as input. Thus, it is especially useful to create unique documents from a set of scanned pages, photographs, screenshots, etc., allowing you to organize your graphical content into a smaller number of files.
You can customize the PDF page size, the page margins, as well as the size of the original image. The conversion process runs smoothly and fast, and preserves the original quality of the image files used as no conversion process is involved. This also means that this tool is not intended to save your disk space (as the resulting PDF is the exact sum of the all the image file sizes put together, even when reducing the image size!), but rather to keep you image bank better organized in a format that has become the standard for Internet document exchange.
When needed, you can also create individual PDF files for each of your images or multi-page image files. In this case, the program will work in batch mode, creating automatically as many PDF documents as image files have been selected. When creating a single PDF out of many image files, though, this operation needs to be repeated each time a new set of images is selected.

Francisco Martínez
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  • High-quality PDF conversion, with no compression of the original image files
  • Fast performance


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